We deliver IT pros to strengthen the client’s team with minimal contracting effort. Staffing allow prompt cooperation with professionals when increasing the team’s capabilities is required. It is an excellent alternative to an in-house recruitment process.

You gain:

  • immediate access to professionals in multiple technologies
  • well verified candidates who undergo thorough technical interviews
  • fix-term cooperation agreements

You avoid:

  • the long process of recruitment and verification of the candidates
  • the paper work related to personnel and payroll matters
  • permanent employees with no suiting projects to work on

Team Leasing:

We deliver IT pros to strengthen the client’s team with minimal contracting effort. As an alternative for a regular outsoucing contract, ISD can also offer you a contract on a lease basis.

Key Benefits of Team Leasing:

  • Spreading costs over more years
  • No concerns for you about your IT for the coming years
  • Our extensive staff guarantees the high availability of specialists, ranging from those familiar with popular technologies to experts in the rarest ones.
  • Technologies: .NET, Java, PHP/LAMP, C/C++; HTML/CSS/JavaScript, Big Data/SCALA, iOS, Android, Windows Phone, Xamarin; CRM, CMS, and many others.
  • Effective recruitment process with emphasis on technology (tests, programming tasks, interviews with senior technology experts), only verified professionals.

Bespoke Solutions

We design and develop a variety of custom solutions for different industry verticals.