We are ISSD

Our mission

We help organizations, large and small, to effectively realize their transformation ambitions, by changing the way people work together, and by building solutions that break the barriers to real change.

Our way of working

We combine the best of two worlds: the ‘new’ world of fast & iterative, and the ‘old’ world of thorough & predictable. Because technology evolves quickly, but human capital does not. That is why we design and develop in a highly Agile manner, yet deliver in the most reliable way: fixed price, fixed date, fixed scope, and supported by on open and honest partner relationship.


We believe combining agility and reliability for a complex and dynamic challenge such as Digital Transformation is not only necessary, but also feasible in practice. We have found out it requires working with special people and special partners, in a very special way. This is part of our DNA.

Your trusted partner

ISSD has only one calling: being a trusted Digital Transformation partner. From the first day onwards, until you have reached your transformation goals. Regardless of your size or line of business, regardless of the scope and nature of your challenges.

As your trusted partner we help your teams, your units, and your organization achieve its transformation potential, by creating a foundation enabling people to thrive through trust, openness, authenticity, involvement and a high level of professional autonomy.

As your trusted partner we will design, build, implement, and sustain the Smart Solutions that drive Digital Transformation at the three key layers (vision layer, portfolio layer and enabler layer).

As your trusted partner we will take full end-to-end responsibility for all Smart Solutions you assign to us, resulting in a fixed price, fixed date, fixed result engagement.

As your trusted partner we regularly challenge you, and we expect that you will constantly challenge us. We believe this is how a strategic partnership should be.

Digital Transformation according to ISSD

Most large and mid-sized organizations are currently engaged in digital transformation initiatives. Transformation ambitions vary considerably across different organizations, and transformation approaches even more so. The common denominator of digital transformation initiatives lies in the planned adoption of data and digital technology on a scale never seen before, expecting an unprecedented level of impact on the entire organization. Technology ranging from predictive data analytics, to artificial & augmented intelligence, smart robotics, real-time sensors, low code applications, and chatbots, to name just a few of hundreds of technologies with the potential to disrupt.

But this is only the technological side. When we talk about Digital Transformation in capital letters, we not only mean successfully adopting the latest and greatest in digital, but also leveraging this technology to better serve the organizations mission and stakeholders.

From years om accumulated experience we know this requires a Smart Transformation Strategy, and an approach that is both patient and agile, gradually changing practices and processes until they have become data-driven and technology-enabled, not only protecting the heart and soul of the organization, but strengthening it. This is the balancing act and realization challenge ISSD works on every day.