ISSD introduces ……… SLIM

On May 15th 2019, in the presence of the Dutch Minister of Medical Care, Mr Bruno Bruins, ISSD signed the Green Deal for sustainable healthcare. In the following months, a team of ISSD experts and partners, have invested in the realization of SLIM, ISSD’s commitment towards the Green Deal.

SLIM is suitable for all healthcare organisations focussing on both sustainability and efficiency, and who choose not to let the one negatively impact the other. SLIM is based entirely on the intelligent use of data and knowledge, centred around a multidisciplinary team. SLIM is made up of 5 phases, executed in 3 month waves, resulting in initial financial savings in 5 weeks, and having an immediate measurable impact on CO2 emissions and waste. This makes SLIM an integral approach offering unique opportunities for seriously improving footprint and costs in parallel.

SLIM is directly available for your healthcare organization. Are you open for improving both sustainability and efficiency? It is within reach with ISSD’s unique SLIM program.

ISSD is a Dutch company providing integral solutions for digital transformation. The ISSD DNA ensures that solutions are always delivered in accordance with the agreed budget, the agreed date and the highest levels of quality. This approach is also sustainable!