How we work

A State of the Art Digital Transformation approach

Having ISSD on your side means:

  • Smart solution creation & implementation in weeks
  • Local presence in your own language
  • The highest levels of expertise in people, process & tools

We see Digital Transformation as an organizational challenge that needs to be addressed on three different conceptual layers:

1. The vision layer: the sense of mission and purpose, the future vision of the organization, and all relevant long term and short term strategic choices

2. The portfolio layer: the collection of ongoing and planned change and transformation activities, from low hanging fruit optimizations, to process integration, to business model transformation

3. The enabler layer: the assets that serve as a precondition to practical change at the portfolio layer, from ‘hard assets’ (data, technology, methods, team structures) to ‘soft assets’ (expertise, leadership, collaboration culture)

We believe effective Transformation can only be realized by creating the right Smart Solutions at all three layers. Preferably simultaneously, but always in mutual alignment.

The ingredients of the ISSD way of working:

  • Thorough gap-analysis with a 1-3 year horizon
  • Strong alignment with organizational & market strategy
  • Evaluation of realistic change capacity & change readiness
  • Solution creation & implementation in 12 week Waves
  • Highly motivated, highly focussed joint Agile teams
  • Smart solution architectures (people, process & tools)
  • Need based accesss to external expertise
  • Gradual increase of change capacity per Wave
“we speak your language”
“we understand your industry specific challenges”
“we know Digital Transformation”