How we work

High Quality and State of the Art Software development.

We offer you:

  • Top educated and trained specialists
  • Local project management and in your own language
  • Competitive, quality business solutions

Over the recent years we became more and more aware of the shortcomings and pitfalls of traditional Off-shoring. Especially software development services delivered from outside the EU. Lack of good communication and specification, having to bridge cultural, physical and different time zones
more often than not, lead to far less competitive advantages than thought in advance. From experience we know that the major challenges lie in the cultural, -communication area. If the specifications are not done and understood well from the start, the result will be an increasing number of man-hours, undoing part of the expected offshore advantages. ISSD addresses these challenges with clear “EU-inshore” solutions.

Your company can maintain all its own technical and business knowledge and add specialised, professional capacity and expertise. Another important advantage is, that you will be fully supported and serviced by our local Dutch staff and management. No long distance Skype sessions or phone calls during odd hours but direct face to face contact on site, in your own language and working hours. Our local project manager is the bridge to your extra expertise and capacity. Due to the complexity or specifics of many projects we will have people temporarily at your site, if and when required.

Your organization most likely has one or more of the objectives below when dealing with IT projects:

  • Cost reduction
  • Higher efficiency and timely deliveries
  • Improvement of overall IT quality
  • Less capital invested in non-core activities

General Advantages of ITO (IT-Outsourcing):

  • Cost efficiency
  • Access to capacity

Extra Advantages of ISD-EU Nearshoring:

  • EU laws & legislation; EU data protection
  • No cultural or language barriers
  • Good balance between your objectives and perceived risks
  • We manage your Inshoring as change management projects
  • We focus on picking up knowledge of your business
“we speak your language”
“we offer industry specific software”
“we offer business specific applications”

Cloud leads to big data. Cloud computing and In-shoring will turn Cloud from an ever increasing fixed cost and task to a flexible and variable cost. ISSD has specialists that have extensive expertise and experience with international Big Data projects.

Analyzing this data and using it to your competitive advantage is key.