ISSD is a network company with Dutch roots, a European focus and value network, and a truly different approach and DNA, that changes the Digital Transformation game.

How are we changing the ‘game’?

As dedicated solution builders & problem solvers, we only work with people that we believe can truly meet your challenges and create the right solutions helping you Transform step by step. We never exceed scope nor budget. We prefer to work project-based, although we do not shy away from working hourly based. As your trusted partner you will always know what you can expect from ISSD. And every day we stick to our core values:

Free. Our clients are as autonomous as we are. We will therefore freely speak our professional minds and never burden our clients with unwanted contractual obligations, unnecessary solutions and unforeseen costs.
Proud. We take pride in our mission, our people, our partners, our clients and our way of working.
Best in Class. We always aim for the best possible solutions and the best possible collaboration with all involved.
Respectful. We keep our promises. We believe in building respect by showing respect first. Not only do we deeply respect our clients, but also our shared habitat. We are committed to, we respect, and we will actively contribute to societal and environmental well-being, impacting with our solutions and the way we work.
Professional. Our people are handpicked top experts within their field, honoring shared values, bringing along years of experience and never failing to make a differenceent.

Who is behind ISSD?

The ISSD Core Team consists of René M. Londeman (CEO), Joost Okken (strategy), Colin Chalmers (CTO), Paul Pilatto (ISSD België), Joost Beerling (ISSD Noorwegen), Martijn Adamse, Ronald Ekkelkamp, Lisa Pereboom, Jan Heida (Delivery Manager), Sherlon Gerard, Carla van Lier and Vincent van Ederen.

Depending on the nature of the Transformation challenge we encounter, and the Smart Solutions we commit to, we will employ several Core Team members, as well as other experts in our value network, each handpicked and selected for experience, know-how and motivation.

In short, we only work with the best, because we know that is the only way we can deliver on our commitments.

The ISSD Transformation Value Network

A first-time-right and best-in-class approach requires a ecosystem of partners with the knowledge and expertise required to design, build, implement and sustain Smart Solutions in the three layers of Digital Transformation (vision layer, portfolio layer, enabler layer). We call this ecosystem the ISSD Transformation Value Network.

We are actively evaluating additional partnerships, gradually, yet thoroughly, expanding our Transformation Value Network.