About us

ISSD is a Dutch IT company with a European focus and a truly different approach to projects compared to the ‘old school’ established IT parties. Maximum customer value creation in an environment where “deal is a deal”, based on Scrum / Agile 2.0 * work.

How are we going to change this ‘game’?

ISSD does not sell you knowledge per hour (the famous Time & Material approach). The staff of ISSD is committed to do everything right the first time because this way our company can deliver maximum customer value to our customers. If one uses billing by the hour, it pays to make projects lasting longer (than agreed). Based on Time & Material software development tends to take longer and cost more because developers easily find ways to prolong activities. But this is not in the clients interest! We wanted to avoid the addiction to making hours, where so many clients suffer from and which make IT projects always take longer and require more budget than was agreed beforehand. Based on our self-developed SMILE quality program, this approach is possible and are making IT projects efficient again! ISSD is not just a “you ask, we deliver partner” but will be your trusted IT partner who dares to say ‘no’ if this serves your interest best.

The ISSD team (located both inside and outside of the Netherlands) is working very closely with its clients and always and only based on fixed rates* for (IT) projects. In our vision and operation it is not possible to ask for software development and delivery, just on the basis of an estimate. In addition, the promised delivery time* (see delivery date) and predetermined scope of the project* are always leading for us. After product delivery we give full guarantee on the product* without additional costs for the client.

Who is behind ISSD?

The ISSD board consists of René M. Londeman (CEO), managementteam with Joost Okken, Colin Chalmers and Ansfried Snijders. The Development Department in the Netherlands and Croatië is headed by Colin Chalmers (CTO) and is fully supported by a Delivery Department in the Netherlands with Ansfried Snijders and Joost Okken (Executive Partners), Rieneke Valkhof (Information Analyst) and Sherlon Gerard (Senior Software Engineer).

We offer fully equipped and well trained, flexible European development teams (ISO 9001 & ISO 27001 certified, Platinum Oracle and Microsoft Silver & Gold partner), which are controlled by QA supervisors. The entire staff is regularly tested on up-to-date and state-of-the art IT knowledge and skills. Each team and staff member does contribute his or her own discipline and skills to the ISSD organization and your projects and products. This way we guarantee the constant quality and communication with our developers, UI / UX experts and testers.

How do we create maximum customer value?

IT projects demand a solid qualification at the very beginning of the project. We strive to get as much information as possible about the assignment, about you the client, your business and the program requirements, before starting with the (software) development. During 1 or 2 workshops, stakeholders can meet each other and share and discuss all essential information. Based on that, ISSD presents you a solution that fits the requirements and the available budget without surprises afterwards.